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  • Don't%20Suck,%20Don't%20Die

    Don't Suck, Don't Die

    Giving Up Vic Chesnutt

    By Kristin Hersh, Foreword by Amanda Petrusich

    “Friend, asshole, angel, mutant,” singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt “came along and made us gross and broken people seem . . . I dunno, cooler, I guess.” A quadriplegic who could play only simple chords on his guitar, Chesnutt recorded seventeen critically acclaimed albums before his death in 2009, including About to... + More

  • The%20Jemima%20Code

    The Jemima Code

    Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks

    By Toni Tipton-Martin; forewords by John Egerton and Barbara Haber

    Women of African descent have contributed to America’s food culture for centuries, but their rich and varied involvement is still overshadowed by the demeaning stereotype of an illiterate “Aunt Jemima” who cooked mostly by natural instinct. To discover the true role of black women in the creation of American, and... + More

  • Frame


    A Retrospective

    Photographs by Mark Cohen; introduction by Jane Livingston

    Mark Cohen is the quintessential street photographer, using an aggressive approach in which he closes in on strangers with a camera and flash before they’re aware of being photographed. His stark images made on the streets of Wilkes-Barre and other working-class Pennsylvania towns capture moments, gestures, and emotions that, because... + More

  • Los%20Lobos

    Los Lobos

    Dream in Blue

    By Chris Morris

    Los Lobos leaped into the national spotlight in 1987, when their cover of “La Bamba” became a No. 1 hit. But what looked like an overnight achievement to the band’s new fans was actually a way station in a long musical journey that began in East Los Angeles in 1973... + More

  • Comin'%20Right%20at%20Ya

    Comin' Right at Ya

    How a Jewish Yankee Hippie Went Country, or, the Often Outrageous History of Asleep at the Wheel

    By Ray Benson, and David Menconi

    A six-foot-seven-inch Jewish hippie from Philadelphia starts a Western swing band in 1970, when country fans hate hippies and Western swing. It sounds like a joke but—more than forty years, twenty-five albums, and nine Grammy Awards later—Asleep at the Wheel is still drawing crowds around the world. The roster of... + More

Best of the Backlist

John Prine

John Prine

In Spite of Himself

By Eddie Huffman

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The Flatlanders

The Flatlanders

Now It's Now Again

By John T. Davis

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Austin Music Posters 1967 to 1982

Edited by Alan Schaefer with essays by Joe Nick Patoski and Nels Jacobson

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